Arctic calls for us to react! The fact that climate change is made by human activity gives us the opportunity to redesign our impact on the precious nature and the earth we all rely on. It can be fun, educating, and meaningful and everything matters. How can you start rethinking to reduce your footprint? Generate your own solution here.

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The buildings and infrastructure in cities account for a significant percentage of human energy use. Rapid urbanization needs efficient design of buildings and infrastructure.

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By thoughtfully managing the inputs and processes of the material economy to be more efficient, more energy conserving, more biologically based and more circular we will have a significant mitigation effect on greenhouse gas emissions.


Food production, preparation, consumption and waste is responsible for a major share of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing meat consumption and food waste is a big part of the solutions.


Land use solutions reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation of ecosystems. Forest restoration and timber and biomass crops sequester significant amounts of carbon.


We have many of the solutions to reduce fossil fuels: Electricity generation and transport. Efficient cities. Use of technology for communication and information. Sustainable goods and food.