The Arctic calls for us to react and act!

No human, current or future, inhabiting planet Earth deserves a world devoid of Arctic ice.

What’s it going to take to put the Arctic at the forefront of the global dialogue on climate change?

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Monday Dec 9, 2019 | 18.30 – 19.30 CET, Stockholm and Madrid
Join us for a special opportunity at this global premiere event, providing a different kind of seminar experience that creates an interactive dialogue between participants sharing ideas about the Arctic and Climate Action perspectives. Free entrance. See full program, The Nordic Pavilion COP25 here.

Rearctic /riːˈɑːktɪk/

1. Something done, felt or thought in response to changes in the climate, first experienced in the Arctic.
2. An action, reaction or social movement provoked by climate changes.
3. A social force exerted in opposition to an increasing climate crises in the arctic, in attamption to restore natures own balance.
Origin: Early 21st century. From RE- + ARCTIC


Host your own REARCTIC Think&Talk or join one!

Discover how you can participate in achieving the goal of reaching a maximum 2°C temp rise by 2030. The REARCTIC Think&Talk™ Interactive Sessions opens a dialogue to shift the climate change narrative by creating a knowledge sharing platform.

The free REARCTIC Think&Talk digital template enables government entities, companies, organizations and youth to participate worldwide by hosting, documenting, and submitting outcomes of their own pop-up Think&Talk Interactive Session as part of the REARCTIC camp.

Stay tuned for REARCTIC Think&Talk sessions at the Climate Festival in Oslo, January 2020.


Rearctic VR Experience your footprint in the Arctic.



Visualize your impact on the Arctic!

Through REARCTIC IMPACT VR you can experience your footprint in the Arctic. This is an audio visual journey to witness the world’s carbon and plastic impact on the Arctic, as well as an exploration of solutions to restore the Arctic ecosystem.

Stay tuned for launch, April 2020

No more declarations! Instead, declare action!

Join our advocacy & action hub launching in Janary 2020, or just do it your way!

  1. Legislators | Connect advocates’ voices with their elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels.
  2. Social media | Drive civic engagement and track the pulse of the campaign and initiatives.
  3. Take action | Establish a go-to hub for action on public policy campaigning.
  4. Live events | Harness the energy of grassroots advocacy at events and conferences with a live call-to-action.